Author: Lennart Nacke

Interview with Carl Gutwin

Carl Gutwin

I have had the pleasure of interviewing Professor Carl Gutwin from the University of Saskatchewan for this course (Carl has been papers chair of CHI in the past and has an incredible amount of experience in writing for SIGCHI conferences). Having worked with Carl at the University of Saskatchewan before, I knew that he was going to have some excellent advice for new CHI writers. In fact, it was Carl who taught me the first CHI writing course when I was a postdoc, and he is one of those people that when you are in doubt of whether you are writing right, you should just ask yourself: What would Carl have written? In the following, I have tried to distill the interview down to some of the most important takeaways. I hope you find all of this information useful and will enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed doing it.

The entire audio Interview with Carl Gutwin.
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