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Lennart Nacke, Ph.D.

This course is taught by Lennart Nacke, Ph.D., Director of the HCI Games Group at the Games Institute and Associate Professor at the Department of Communication Arts and the Stratford School of Interaction and Business, University of Waterloo.

Dr. Nacke has many years of experience serving on SIGCHI program and steering committees and teaching University graduate classes on HCI research methods. Dr Nacke has co-organized many workshops for CHI over the past five years; he also chaired the CHI PLAY 2014 and Gamification 2013 conferences, served as technical program co-chair for CHI PLAY 2015 and CHI Games and Play subcommittee co-chair for CHI 2017 and is currently the chair of the CHI PLAY steering committee. He has also reviewed hundreds of papers and gotten lots of his submissions rejected from CHI (sometimes for good reasons). He has no accepted full papers at CHI 2019.